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Butterfly Girl

Butterfly Girl

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Title: Butterfly Girl
Medium: Digital Collage crafted in Adobe Photoshop

What this artwork is about: Embracing the sensuality of nature connects us to the most basic elements of the universe. Life and death, birth and decay all are part of a masterful cycle.

Year of origin: 2000

Print information: This item is a signed, original art print from Hoshi Hana's studio. Which ever size you choose, you will receive each print numbered, and signed in the order it was purchased. Each size has it's own open edition which is carefully inventoried in Hoshi Hana's archives.

The print you receive from this website is straight from the artists' hands to you. By printing each artwork, I can insure that you will receive a print of the highest quality. 

Regarding ink and printer: Each print is produced with museum quality, pigmented inks, on a Canon Pro 1000 printer.

Regarding color: I have taken extra time, effort and expense to insure that the colors on your print will look fantastic and sing! Each print is produced using special technology which insures Color fabulousness. My prints are produced with profiles created by master Color specialist, Paul Dupont who consults with major print companies across the globe to insure color quality in photo studios, graphic design labs, and professional facilities around the world. Paul has helped me create a printed vision of what I created digitally on my computer. For more on how he works, check out the FAQ section under color management. 

Regarding paper: Butterfly Girl is printed on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique, art paper. This paper has a matt surface which means it has no shine. The flat art surface brings out colors with a lush vibrant, feel. Artists such as Picasso used Canon papers to create their great works. Canson paper is manufactured in France and has been in existence since 1557.

From the Canson paper's manufacturer's website: Rag Photographique is a 100% cotton, museum-grade white fine art paper developed by Canson to meet the longevity requirements of the digital fine art market. The natural minerals used in its manufacture render an extra-smooth white surface with a sensual feel and one of the highest Dmax ratings available. It is ideal for fine art photography as well as fine art printmaking.

Rag Photographique is compatible with pigmented and dye inks, dries instantly, is water-resistant, and contains no optical brightening agents. Internally buffered and acid-free, it was designed to meet the longevity requirements of galleries and museums.

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